What does membership involve?

Membership means that you are not just a trader, you are part of the team. Each year, we hold an AGM where all members are offered the chance to raise concerns and make a difference and a volunteer committee are voted in to lead the group, advertise and run the fairs and take on other roles and responsibilities to keep the events running smoothly.

How much will it cost?

Membership of Made in Shropshire requires an annual subscription as well as stall booking fees – paid per event attended.  The membership fees are reviewed annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and are currently set at £40. Stall fees vary by location and membership status, but are usually around £45 per stall.

How are bookings made?

Booking forms are sent out to all Made in Shropshire members in late December / early January for the whole year.  Any cancellations or remaining spaces may be offered to guests (see below) as and when appropriate.

What is included in the stall fee?

Each member will be allocated space under a gazebo, two 6” trestle tables and access to electricity.  If this should differ, then you will be advised before arrival.


Unfortunately Made in Shropshire cannot accommodate trailers on the Square in Shrewsbury, all traders must use the gazebo space provided.

Do I need insurance?

All Made in Shropshire members must hold at least £5million Public Liability Insurance and food producers must hold all the relevant food and hygiene certificates.

Are there any restrictions on what I can sell?

All products sold must be designed and / or produced within Shropshire and must be of a high and unique quality. 

No mass produced items may be sold, unless they are a small component part of your product (eg jars / picture frames / prints / chains etc).  Our committee members will discuss this with you if your application is accepted.

What is a ‘guest place’?

A guest place may be offered if a stall becomes available for a particular event, this may be because someone has cancelled or the fair is not currently fully booked.  An offer of a guest space should be seen as a trial-event for both yourself and us. You will get an opportunity to see if your products sell in that location and we will have the chance to see your items and display first hand, discussing any issues or concerns you / we may have going forward.

Please note:  Attendance does not guarantee an offer of permanent membership

How long is the waiting list?

We do not have a set time limit for the waiting list.  Membership is considered by the committee and offered as and when space becomes available.  If you only wish to be considered for a certain amount of time, please note this on your application.

To ensure diversity amongst the stalls, we try to accept applications from stall holders with a unique skill, trade or product when possible.  Space is not offered on a first come first served basis.

Do you allow charity stalls?

If you run a business selling locally produced, high quality, handmade products from Shropshire with some / all profits going to charity then your application may be considered. However, if you are selling mass produced or non-local handmade goods then unfortunately not.


No, a commercial gazebo is supplied by an external events contractor. Ordinarily these are shared between two stall holders, however under current regulations, it is just one business per stall.


Unfortunately no. Stallholders are subscribed members of Made in Shropshire and have been through a selection process. Please read through our membership page and if you think you or your business meets our criteria, then please apply by downloading and submitting our application form.