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Made in Shropshire - A and G Woodturning-Clock
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After 40 years of being a heavy plant engineer repairing a wide range of equipment from; 46 tone Caterpillar dozers to small mini diggers, I turned my skill set from metal to wood.

I started woodturning in 2003 just for the enjoyment, but after 12 months of creating items and having friends and family commenting that my work was beautiful, and that I should sell it, my wife and I started A&G Woodturning.

We started with small craft fairs and steam rallies initially and then during the years these have increased to regular markets with made in Shropshire and the occasional larger show as in Anglesey. 

In 2005 I entered the international woodturning show with a vase made from  240 pieces of yew, walnut and maple. This was a challenging piece to create as every piece was cut to size and scale to fit in the exact position in the final piece. I was rather proud of my finished work. 

Since retiring in 2013, I’m busier with my woodturning than I was when worked I full time, but now I don’t have oily hands anymore … just sawdust everywhere.

The business has evolved with clocks, pens and barometers as some of my most popular products. Each item that I create is handmade, and therefore unique. In recent years, I have enjoyed developing the skills required to make intricate pens, and I now stock a range of ball pens as well as fountain pens. Some of which I make from rare and vintage material.

Garfield Davies
Overton Road, St Martins,Oswestry, SY11 3DG

Made in Shropshire - A and G Woodturning-clock
Made in Shropshire - A and G Woodturning-Pull-handles
Made in Shropshire - A and G Woodturning-Clocks