Made in Shropshire Market - Appleteme
Made in Shropshire Market - Appleteme

We pick, wash and press all by hand with the help of a water based hydro press. We use over 100 different varieties of apples, either from our main orchard at Tickmore, Brimfield or nearby orchards, all of which are unsprayed. The resulting juices are fresh, pure and vibrant, reflecting the full character and flavour of the world famous English apple. We make the most of forgotten fruits such as the wonderfully flavoursome Shropshire Prune Damson, as well as elderberries, mulberries, quinces and medlars as well as infusions including ginger, elderflower and mull which we blend with our apple to create exciting new drinks.  

We are based in heart of Ludlow, in the ‘Old Brewery’ just off Corve Street.  We host pop up events in the Spring and Summer when not busy pressing apples.  At AppleTeme we hand pick and press the best local apples to create delicious tasting juice. Each limited press is special as it has great character and depth of flavour. We achieve this by blending an assortment of heritage varieties, which are particular to the surrounding area, many unfound in commercial production today. 

Contact: Tish Dockerty 
The Old Brewery 
Lloyds Yard
Off Corve Street 
Ludlow SY8 2DJ